Periodic Fire Alarm Testing & Emergency Lights

Regular fire alarm testing is a legal requirement for all businesses with a fire alarm system. To be legally compliant, your fire alarm system must have a weekly fire alarm test as well as be maintained and serviced by a competent person regularly.

Typically a fire alarm test is when the bell is sounded and is normally carried out on the same day and time each week, so that the occupants of the premises understand there is no need to evacuate. 

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Fire Alarm Compliance

Over time, battery life deteriorates on fire alarms and sometimes they stop working because dirt has interfered with their mechanism.

When testing a fire alarm, make sure that your system complies with the British Health & Safety Regulations Fire Safety Order 2005.

Every business must have suitable fire alarm warning systems and detection in place that is regularly maintained by competent engineers.

During maintenance your engineer should record any faults and rectify problems so all your fire alarm systems work properly.

It’s also important to hold a fire drill once every year using your fire alarm and keep a note of the results as part of your evacuation plan in the event of fire.